Cross My Palm

Cross My Palm


О чем написано в этой книге Cross My Palm. You must cross my palm with silver first, my pretty miss. A quiet life, my dear is what she tells the girl. When fortune-teller Miss Rose Lee is called to entertain Lady Quayle and her guests at Portland Place, she sees in the palm of shy, cautious Emily a future she is forced to keep to herself. But palm-reading is a perilous business: the lines of the left hand can unlock secrets and reveal futures best kept hidden. But she spies two little crosses that spell something quite different - fearful, violent death. With a plucky heroine and a rollicking story, Sara Stockbridges second novel is a cauldron of subterfuge and mysticism. As Roses predictions start coming true, her own fortunes become embroiled in the suspect fates of others and the future suddenly seems a dark and dangerous place. London, 1860s. The capitals high society ladies like nothing more than to while away an evening at a private supper party, drinking sweet wine, sharing confidences - and having their fortunes read.

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