Joe Calloway Magnetic. The Art of Attracting Business

Joe  Calloway Magnetic. The Art of Attracting Business


О чем написано в этой книге Joe Calloway Magnetic. The Art of Attracting Business. Magnetic businesses are intentional, strategic, and focused on creating positive experiences that become the stories their customers tell about them. Becoming Magnetic and attracting business, truly is an art, rather than a science, because every business is different, and uses a unique combination of strategy, people, and purpose to achieve success and growth. Discover the simple, powerful keys to growth used by a range of market leading businesses, from a snowboard manufacturing startup company and a website design professional to a minor league baseball team and an family owned upscale grocery store. Simplify and clarify how you think about your business to have your entire team become more focused, efficient, and effective in doing those few vitally important things that matters most in driving growth and sustaining success. There is no one-size-fits-all formula, but with creativity and focus, any business can create a powerful revenue growth engine that continuously works to build and sustain success. This innovative text examines a range of simple, powerful strategies that businesses of any size or type can use to attract new customers. Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business is a look at how consistently successful businesses are able to attract a steady and ever-increasing flow of customers. Create a magnetic mindset in your people that leads not only to happier customers who refer others to you, but to more satisfied employees who help attract and recruit great new employees to keep your momentum going. All of them utilize ideas that you can put to work immediately in your business to become Magnetic. The key is to do those things that harness the power of the single most important factor in buying decisions: positive word of mouth and referrals from happy existing customers. Learn how to match successful growth strategies with your people, purpose, and culture to create your own unique magnetism to attract business. Whether on the internet or face to face, its what satisfied customers say about you that is the most powerful driver of growth for your business.

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