Lost Innocence

Lost Innocence


О чем написано в этой книге Lost Innocence. When Alicia Carlyle returns to the home of her childhood after the tragic death of her husband, she is hoping to put the past behind her. But first she must come face to face with the woman who nearly destroyed her marriage and tore her family in two - her sister-in-law, Sabrina. However, just when it looks as if they might have a chance at a brighter future, Sabrinas fifteen-year-old daughter, Annabelle, accuses seventeen-year-old Nathan of a crime he insists he didnt commit. Their enmity runs deep, but Alicia is determined to make a fresh start for herself and her two children, Nathan and Darcie, and to heal her fractured relationship with her beloved brother. And once more the two families are locked in a battle that is fraught with mistrust, betrayal and lies - a battle that threatens to destroy them all...

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2 Thoughts to “Lost Innocence

  1. Где-то под этой кучей мусора есть ты, и я тебя откопаю. Ну что же так раскисла.

  2. Какую он проповедь, как напутствие, прочитал, я точно уже не помню, что-то он говорил про учёбу и дисциплину, которую я должен укреплять и не устраивать драки. Давай лучше я тебе чая налью… Лёва .

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